Amber Beverage Group set to become a €1 billion company

June 07, 2019

Amber Beverage Group (ABG) reported a 15% global net revenue increase in fiscal year 2018. This was achieved by continuous expansion and development of ABG making it a truly global player in the production, distribution, retail sales and logistics of alcoholic beverages.

Amber Beverage Group
Amber Beverage Group

“This has been a year of extraordinary challenges, experiences and success stories,” said Seymour Ferreira, the CEO of Amber Beverage Group. “We have added new production facilities, distribution channels and brands to our portfolio, transforming ABG from a pan-Baltic enterprise into leading beverage company able to offer a more direct service and experience to our customers and consumers worldwide.”

“Based on the comparison of the group’s financial performance in 2018 versus previous years, mergers and acquisitions activities have contributed an additional 5% or EUR 10.4 million to the total net revenue,” said Ferreira.

In February 2018 ABG completed the takeover of one of the oldest production companies in Estonia – Remedia. In April ABG increased its holding in Cellar Trends, the UK distribution company. The goal-oriented team didn’t stop there and in May ABG entered the Australian market, acquiring a majority stake in Think Spirits – one of the largest independent distributors of spirits in the country. In October ABG gained a majority controlling interest in Permalko – the oldest vodka distillery in Russia, adding to its brand portfolio such well-known brands as Gradus® and Russkij Rezerv® and nearly 3 million 9 L cases of additional business.

The renewed ambition for ABG’s main asset – one of Russia’s oldest vodkas Moskovskaya® Vodka is set to deliver 1 million 9 L cases by 2022. The continuous organic growth of one of the oldest bitters in the world, Riga Black Balsam®, is on track growing its profitability base. The newcomers to ABG core brands Cross Keys Gin® and tequila front-liner Rooster Rojo® tequila are launching in new markets every quarter. Cosmopolitan Diva®, the first sparkling wine filtered through real gold, keeps finding new partners to distribute the brand all over the world.

“Supporting our brand and route-to-market plans will be our continued efforts to improve our overall efficiency both in the Baltics and global markets. With this in mind, we plan to improve our production capabilities further, adding additional focus to purchasing, planning and infrastructure improvements,” said Ferreira and predicted: “With that energy behind us, we are set to become a €1 billion company over the next five years”.

Amber Beverage Group is a vertically integrated international adult beverage company. It operates internationally from its head office in Luxembourg and through its production and distribution companies in Russia, Mexico, the UK, Australia, and the Baltics – its historical home. ABG employs over 2100 people who help to produce, bottle, market, distribute, export and retail some of the world’s most iconic beverages. ABG has a wholly owned portfolio of over 130 brands that have significant market leading positions in many of the 185 markets ABG is active in.



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