Moskovskaya Vodka launches a sustainability-oriented Limited Edition

April 01, 2023

Moskovskaya Vodka is launching a new sustainability-oriented ‘Green’ Limited Edition bottle which will fund an environmental project to plant trees. The project involves a partnership with the international non-profit organization One Tree Planted, an organisation dedicated to global reforestation. Amber Beverage Group (ABG), the company behind the Moskovskaya Vodka brand, has announced that they will be releasing 120,000 bottles of a special ‘Green’ edition. This collaboration marks the first step toward ABG's goal of implementing a complete group-wide Sustainability Policy for all of its companies and core brands.

Moskovskaya Vodka Green Limited Edition

Sales of this Limited Edition bottle will help to restore nature in an important nature conservation area in north America aiding soil stability, biodiversity, and watershed restoration. The limited-edition products are being rolled out now in the UK, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Pepijn Janssens, the Chief Marketing Officer at Amber Beverage Group, said: “The dominant green colour of Moskovskaya’s brand is the most recalled aspect of the brand identity among consumers. We aim to contribute to a greener environment, whilst emphasising our most distinctive brand asset by launching Moskovskaya ‘Green’ – a limited edition design of our core product that will contribute to restoring natural resources.”

The Amber Beverage Group Board Member responsible for sustainability, Artur Evart, said: “At ABG we have set ourselves the goal of defining a clear roadmap towards becoming more sustainable in our production and operations”. By partnering with One Tree Planted, we are enabling key projects in support of a greener planet through tree planting and improved biodiversity. We are proud to be taking positive action as part of our first steps towards a more sustainable future for the Moskovskaya brand.”

Matt Hill, founder and Chief Environmental Evangelist of One Tree Planted, welcomed the initiative saying: "We’re excited for the opportunity to work with Amber Beverage Group on such an impactful project. We admire the company’s commitment to planting trees. It’s a prime example of how spirits brands can make positive changes for our planet.”

The partnership is designed to make it simple for consumers to get involved in global reforestation. For every Limited Edition bottle sold, the company will plant trees to help reforest an important conservation area in Florida, USA where 460,000 acres are managed by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation in collaboration with the Air Force. Moskovskaya ‘Green’ will fund the planting of 38,500 sand pine seedlings at approximately 602 trees per acre, which will be monitored by forestry professionals.

This land is providing important habitat and the planting project will benefit the ecosystem in many ways as the site is home to many listed and endemic species of animals that will directly benefit from this reforestation effort. The plantings will ensure that wind and water erosion are all but eliminated. Importantly, the project will also benefit the community by providing clean air and water as well as recreational opportunities in a natural environment.

Bottled at 38% ABV in 0.7 litre bottles, the Moskovskaya ‘Green’ Limited Edition will contain the original Moskovskaya Vodka, which is produced in Latvia, a member state of the European Union and NATO. All materials required for its production are obtained only from European Union countries, including alcohol, bottles, labels, closures, and other materials. The RRP will be equivalent to the existing product in each country.

To learn more about this partnership, visit the webpage.



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