Iconic KAH Tequila plans global expansion starting with China

April 12, 2021

After the successful 2020 relaunch of KAH® Tequila’s new bottle in key markets such as the US, the super-premium tequila, owned by Amber Beverage Group, is planning large-scale global expansion in 2021. KAH Tequila is set to expand its footprint in China, Canada, Russia, Duty Free and other key markets around the world throughout the year.

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KAH is an exceptional tequila, presented in distinctive bottles. Created to honour Mexican people and their traditions, the bottles have an eye-catching design that is matched by the super-premium tequila they contain.

In 2020, KAH Tequila launched in Canada in partnership with Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits (MAWS). In 2021, the complete portfolio of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo will launch in time to celebrate this year’s Cinco De Mayo, through the ALCANNA network of retail outlets.

In China, Amber Beverage Group’s main distributor, ChinaBev, is set to become the number one super-premium tequila importer in the country and one of their main focuses will be KAH Tequila. Evija Sparāne, KAH Tequila’s Global Brand Director, said, “KAH has all the prerequisites to succeed in China – its authentic origin and brand story, as well as being a globally appreciated tequila, are elements Chinese customers value highly. However, having a great brand is not enough. What is equally important is finding the right distribution partner who shares the same vision, passion and level of ambitions for the brand as we do. We were extremely pleased to find this partnering with ChinaBev. Their experience, dedication and willingness to succeed will play a major role in KAH becoming a leading super-premium tequila in China.”

"KAH is an instant classic that is resonating strongly with the on-premise market and with curious consumers across China. It is an excellent and smooth tequila, which, combined with the handcrafted, unique, and memorable presentation, will have legs in the market here. We have had positive signals from the market with our first shipments and look forward to growing KAH into a market leader over the next few years," commented Jay Zhang, CEO of ChinaBev.

There has been renewed KAH availability within the Russian market, following extensive growth in the past year. In 2020, shipments grew exponentially in comparison with 2019 figures, thanks to KAH’s partner, Altair.

KAH Tequila is also expanding its distribution within existing Duty Free accounts, such as Cavo Luigi, Overseas, B&S Paul Global, African & Eastern. There is also increased KAH Tequila sales to Heinemann in retail and distribution locations, as well as Duty Free shops at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport. During the Summer season, consumers will be able to enjoy KAH Tequila on MSC Cruises’ new ship, MSC Virtuosa, where KAH Tequila will be listed alongside Moskovskaya Vodka, which is available on all 18 MSC cruise ships.

Amber Beverage Group is also having extensive discussions with many new markets about launching KAH Tequila and is set to expand its distribution base into the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, in areas such as Turkey, Cyprus, Dubai, as well as Spain and India.

About KAH® Tequila:

KAH® is an exceptional tequila, presented in unique bottles. Created to honour Mexican people and their traditions, the bottles have an extraordinary beauty that is matched only by the outstanding tequila it contains. The product range features three expressions with each being made from hand-selected 100% Blue Agave and presented in a uniquely decorated bottle: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.

KAH® Tequila has received multiple international awards for its taste and quality. KAH, which translates to “life” in the ancient Mayan language, is produced by Fabrica de Tequilas Finos in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico which is owned by Amber Beverage Group, an international producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages.

About Amber Beverage Group:

Amber Beverage Group is a rapidly growing global spirits company, which in 2020 entered several new international markets and grew awareness of its core brands: Moskovskaya® Vodka, KAH® Tequila, Riga Black Balsam®, Rooster Rojo® tequila, Cross Keys Gin® and Cosmopolitan Diva®.

Amber Beverage Group’s products are found in millions of households across the globe. Over the last seven years the Group has grown significantly, nearly doubling its business and expanding internationally through a series of acquisitions. The Group has further enhanced its international operations by establishing and enlarging its footprint in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, from which the Group will continue to benefit going forward.

ABG is a leading beverage producer, distributor, logistics provider and retailer, with over 600 brands spanning everything from premium vodka and sparkling wines to specialty Mexican tequilas. The company has grown from its original core production business established in 1900, to become a global spirits industry player that unites 2,000 employees in almost 20 companies.

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