Amber Beverage Group to launch a transformational program to increase profitability for a sustainable growth

June 13, 2024
Arturs Evarts

As the global alcoholic drinks market undergoes significant developments due to changing consumer preferences, geopolitical uncertainty, and the challenges of high cost of money for businesses as well as the cost of living crisis for many households around the world, Amber Beverage Group (ABG) launches a transformational program.

The program is being developed and implemented by the new leadership team headed by Arturs Evarts, Acting CEO at Amber Beverage Group: “Amber Beverage Group has always prided itself on being among the world’s strongest players in the spirits industry, known for its work with strong heritage product brands, close relationships with partners and its international footprint. In recent years, we experienced a major development breakthrough. It is  now  time to ensure that  our business growth is accompanied by robust value generation. Our transformation program will be centered around  strengthening our core business, becoming a more agile company, and developing a relentless focus on performance.”

The transformation program is aimed at increasing ABG’s profitability and cash position to position it  for its next phase of long-term sustainable growth through implementing a set of transformational and agile initiatives to strengthen ABG’s core business and internal competencies. These initiatives will entail the re-evaluation of its current business models from the profitability and cash generating cycles standpoint, focusing on own brand growth and strategic partnering in growing markets and channels, disposing of operations that are not core to the growth. They also include  changes in the structure of the organization and its processes, supported by the upgrade of its incentive system to ensure transparency, clear responsibility, and higher levels of performance.

Arturs Evarts has been appointed acting CEO of Amber Beverage Group earlier this year. Amber Beverage Group is a rapidly growing global spirits company, whose products are found in millions of households and venues across the globe. ABG core brands are Rooster Rojo® Tequila, KAH® Tequila, The Irishman® Whiskey, Writers’ Tears® Whiskey, Moskovskaya® Vodka, Riga Black Balsam®, Cross Keys Gin® . ABG produces, bottles, markets, distributes, exports, and retails a comprehensive range of beverages of which it owns more than 100 and is responsible for marketing and distributing 1,300 third-party drinks brands, spanning everything from premium vodka and sparkling wines to speciality Mexican tequilas and Irish whiskeys. The company has grown from its original core production business established in 1900, to a global spirits industry player that unites more than 1,600 employees in almost 20 companies in the Baltic States, Austria, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.



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