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Amber Production Remedia is part of the Amber Beverage Group and was established as the first private equity company after Estonia regained independence. In 1991 Amber Production Remedia obtained the right to produce alcoholic beverages and since then has become the third largest producer of spirits in Estonia. Amber Production Remedia's assortment includes vodkas, flavored vodkas, gins, natural berry and fruit liqueurs, herbal liqueurs and bitters. The company also makes cream liqueur and natural egg liqueur.

Amber Production Remedia serves off-trade segments with broad national brands. Amber Production Remedia has a highly professional reputation in the business and more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience.

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volume, 9Lcs


revenue, EUR


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Amber Production Remedia is a very detail-oriented company with excellent production experience. The team can meet the special wishes of virtually all customers. Amber Production Remedia is a reliable partner for companies that want to create private label or branded drinks or who wish to adapt an existing brand to suit the changing market conditions.

Mõisa tee 5, Kiiu, Kuusalu vald, Estonia
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