ESG reporting

It is with great pleasure that we present to you our first-ever ESG Report, which has been prepared with reference to the guidelines of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) principles and serves as an important stepping stone in the path to our sustainable growth. It allows us to establish benchmarks to assess which tools will best ensure the successful implementation of our chosen strategies. 

With this report, we are making our initial steps towards strategic long-term sustainability. The current report will help us with the upcoming CSRD (European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) application. Our sustainability roadmap outlines objectives and targets aligned with our core business policies, ensuring that sustainability remains a fundamental driver of our business decisions and actions. We recognize that our sustainability journey is an ongoing process characterized by continuous learning, adaptation, and innovation. 

Our roadmap aims to contribute to three pillars: Planet, People, and Society. We are committed to achieving notable progress in the following years. Our Group aims to reduce emissions progressively and year by year, with a focus on increasingly shifting towards renewable energy where possible. 

Amber Beverage Group aims to manage its resources to achieve long-term goals, which involves developing the correct steps and practices. We firmly believe that the momentum created while developing this ESG Report and sustainability strategies will allow us to continue the good work into 2025, when the report will be prepared under the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive rules and beyond.

ABG ESG Report is published originally in English, and a translation is made into Latvian to support the non-financial reporting needs of ABG subsidiaries, thus, material in Latvian consists of two parts: the textual part of the ESG Report and a separate document with EU Taxonomy-aligned economic activities.

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