Moskovskaya Vodka

Moskovskaya Vodka is a high-quality pure grain vodka prepared using traditional Russian methods, triple distilled, charcoal and quartz sand filtered.

This iconic vodka has a unique recipe dating back to the 1st half of the 20th century that is followed to the letter still today. The name “Moskovskaya” dates back to the Russian Empire’s state vodka monopoly at the end of the 19th century. The production factory’s first facility was established in 1900 bringing its’ vodka-making tradition to over 100 years.

Moskovskaya has won numerous international awards and accolades throughout decades and is renowned for its’ smooth taste with distinct character.

Unique strengths and qualities

One of the oldest existing vodka brands
Created for the Russian Empire’s vodka monopoly in 1894
Authentic Russian production process
Traditional Russian column filtration at the historical premises
Over 100 years of vodka traditions
The current production facility was established in 1900
Smooth taste with character
Made according to the Osobaya or ‘the special’ recipe
Highly acclaimed quality
Recognized by experts in numerous global competitions
Global distribution
Baltics, Southern Europe, UK, Canada
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