Cross Keys Gin

Cross Keys Gin is a handcrafted, small-batch gin that takes its name from two crossed keys – an ancient symbol of urban hospitality in Latvia and part of Riga’s heraldry. It is bottled in a distinctive clay bottle to enhance the flavour and deliver its signature smooth taste. Distilled with four botanicals of juniper, rosemary, chamomile and linden blossoms, gathered during the Latvian summer, Cross Keys Gin captures the essence of the Baltics.

Unique strengths and qualities

Original & Refreshing Baltic region flavour
Classical gin flavour tenderly enriched by chamomile, linden blossoms and botanicals of the legendary herbal bitter Riga Black Balsam
Pure gift of nature
All-natural and pure herbal ingredients carefully gathered to preserve their unique qualities
Original clay bottle
The traditional Riga Black Balsam clay bottle complements the ageing process of gin
Finest art of distillery
Craftsmanship perfected since 1900 and enlightened by centuries of tradition
Flavoured gins are on trend
Our purple and orange gins will be a revelation for the most experienced and demanding gin lovers and those who are not into traditional gins
Global distribution
Baltics, UK, GTR, Italy
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