Amber Distribution Estonia was established in 2001 and has been a part of the SPI Group since 2007. It is a competitive and dynamically developing distributor of international wine and spirits brands in Estonia.

Being the fastest-growing distributor of international spirits and wine brands in Estonia, Amber Distribution Estonia reached its highest annual sales record in 2018. The company serves more than 1500 outlets across the country with a portfolio of more than 180 brands. Our young and ambitious team is dedicated to its strategic partners within the Amber Beverage Group.

Since joining Amber Beverage Group, where we pool our expertise and financial resources, we can now support a consumer-driven portfolio strategy and 24-hour delivery policy. This means we can continue to increase our market presence and market share in Estonia.

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Amber Distribution Estonia is the fastest-growing distributor of international wine and spirits brands in Estonia. They have one of the widest distribution networks over the country, serving more than 1,500 outlets, including top retailers, the HoReCa sector and traditional trade outlets. In 2020, the company expanded its presence in e-commerce by launching its own e-store.

Peterburi tee 46-519, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia
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