The Irishman

The Irishman. We’re many things. People and Place. Authentic distillation methods, some new, some old. We give voice to our liquid, bringing out all the character of our whiskey. A single truth-telling voice cutting through the chatter of the category.

Always Single Malt focused – whether championed in blends or pure Single Malt expressions. Always enriching the flavour, lengthening the depth, refining the smoothness. It’s our pride and our focus. Every one a true original, triple distilled to leave a lasting impression.

To find our place in the future, we look to the past. Rediscovering the traditions that shaped the golden era of Irish whiskey. To stand out, we speak up, and we speak from the heart. Proud of our whiskey, proud of our character, our voice brings the notes of every single expression to life. And to create the finest Irish whiskeys in the world, we make single malt our heart.

Unique strengths and qualities

Created to honour Irish distilling heritage and history
Inspired by timeworn recipes of Irish Single Malts
Recognized for award winning taste
One of Irish whiskey’s most awarded brands
Spirit of Ireland
Irish passion and determination captured in premium liquid and brand story
Superior liquid
100% Irish barley, triple distilled to leave a lasting impression
Aged to perfection
Aged to perfection Range of internationally-recognised aged Single Malts among the portfolio
Global distribution
In 50 markets, including Ireland, USA, Canada, UK, Asia, EU, Australia
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