Moskovskaya launches a global campaign "No fuss. Just vodka."

July 04, 2016

‘No fuss. Just vodka.’

One of the most long-standing vodka brands in the market, Moskovskaya® Vodka, reveals a new global communication strategy to build a single-minded brand globally. Consumers are growing tired of the competing claims of different vodka brands about their purity and image - they simply want great vodka. With that in mind, Moskovskaya® Vodka will address its end-users straightway - ‘No fuss. Just vodka.’

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The campaign introduces ‘MoskoVS attitude’ addressing the difficult-to-pronounce Russian language rooted brand name in a creative way, and sets Moskovskaya®  Vodka against such phenomena as ‘Mixology’ and ‘Smart casual’.

Valters Kaze, Chief Marketing Officer at Amber Beverage Group, representing the producers of Moskovskaya® Vodka, says: “By integrating ‘MoskoVS attitude’ in brand communication, Moskovskaya® Vodka has come out of its historic shell, and from now on will engage with its consumers worldwide in a more attractive and straight-talking way. I am sure that it will help the brand to grow its already significant global footprint of over 40 markets and attract new consumers.”

The brand campaign, which is an integral part of the global repositioning strategy of the Moskovskaya® brand across European and North American markets, is developed in cooperation with Breakfast creative agency, London.

Neil Chappell, the Creative Partner at Breakfast, says: “In a complicated, busy and stressful world, there’s still nothing to beat good times spent in the company of good friends. Our aim is to amuse and stimulate our target audience and make them aware of a great tasting, unpretentious vodka that shares their values.”

The new communication will commence with the brand’s core markets in Europe and will be followed by the Americas.

The rich history of Moskovskaya® Vodka is rooted back to the times of the Russian Empire and is closely linked to the vodka-making traditions of the Latvijas Balzams production facility in Riga, Latvia. The facility was established in 1900 as one of the first warehouses and production facilities of the Russian Empire Spirits Monopoly. For more than a century it has defended the finest traditions of quality, delivering vodka satisfaction in its most authentic form. Latvijas Balzams is a part of Amber Beverage Group, the leading wine and spirits company in the Baltic countries.

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