Competition Council approved the expansion of ABG in Estonia

January 17, 2018

At the start of this week, the Competition Council decided to approve the Amber Beverage Group’s plan to expand its operations in Estonia, through the conglomerate’s merger with one of the neighbouring country’s biggest alcohol producers, Remedia. Representatives of both companies were positive in their comments about joining forces, envisaging opportunities to develop a powerful business strategy and to secure a stronger position within the Estonian market.


“During the transition process, both Amber Distribution Estonia and Remedia will continue their established operations as usual. After concluding our mutual agreement about Remedia joining Amber Beverage Group’s powerful team, both companies will continue to jointly develop their business strategy in order to secure the strongest possible position within the Estonian market,” explains Amber Distribution Latvia Managing Director Pavels Filipovs. “We look forward to working together with our Estonian colleagues with great enthusiasm, adopting their successful experience and knowledge in entering and capturing a growing share of the Estonian spirits market,” concludes Pavels Filipovs.

“We consider joining a powerful and well-known group international conglomerate to be a great new opportunity. We are determined to successfully develop our operations, entering new export markets and increasing our production capacity,” said Remedia Board Member Vladimirs Feldmans, sharing his feelings about the prospective merger.

Remedia is the third largest producer of alcohol in Estonia. It was the first private company after re-independence to receive a license to produce alcoholic beverages and has recently succeeded in gaining protected status for Estonian Vodka from the EU. Currently Remedia’s product portfolio includes vodkas, gins, natural liqueurs, cream liqueurs and natural egg liqueurs.



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