Amber Beverage Group previews ultra-premium Rooster Rojo Mezcal at ProWein

March 14, 2023

Amber Beverage Group (ABG) is to preview its first Mezcal spirit in the Rooster Rojo range. Described as ‘the real soul of Mexico’, the new ultra-premium spirit will be unveiled at ProWein giving delegates the first opportunity to view and to sample this extraordinary new drink. The new product will be available in Europe from the early Summer and so ProWein provides an opportunity for delegates to be the first to taste this Mezcal.

Rooster Rojo Mezcal

Agave spirits are on a significant upward trajectory and Mezcal will take the Rooster Rojo brand to a new level, offering customers a high-end product which will appeal to tequila and Mezcal aficionados and those consumers exploring this category for the first time. Mezcal offers both the on- and off-trade an expanded opportunity to sell agave spirits as Mezcal is more premium than tequila, more artisanal, and as supply for it is limited, margins are strong.

Mantas Zlatkus, Global Brand Director for Rooster Rojo Tequila, said “The project has been in progress for a long time already due to its complexity as Mezcal is subject to different regulations through different government controlling bodies in Mexico. The idea to extend the Rooster Rojo Tequila range with Mezcal has been a long-held ambition as it is a natural fit portraying the core of our brand character. I would describe it as bolder than tequila. The biggest international drinks fair is the best place to announce this important event for our brand.”

ProWein delegates will benefit from being able to meet senior ABG executives including the CEO, Jekaterina Stuge, the CMO Pepijn Janssens, and Mantas Zlatkus, and so the show provides an ideal opportunity to hold discussions with the team who have pioneered this exciting new launch. ABG will also be showcasing most of its other core brands. The stand will show the whole Rooster Rojo Tequila collection as well as KAH Tequilas, Moskovskaya Vodka, Riga Black Balsam products, Cross Keys Gin, and the Cosmopolitan Diva range. Meet the team at Rooster Rojo Mezcal Stand 13 A40, Spirits Hall, ProWein – 19-24 March 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Rooster Rojo Mezcal is a pure, traditionally hand-crafted Mezcal from Oaxaca. This authentic Mexican drink is created in the small craft distillery of Lopes Sosa Palenque in Oaxaca, Mexico with which ABG is partnering for this venture. Mantas Zlatkus added: “This is a traditional product with a modern take and amplifies all the best features of a Mezcal. We believe we managed to create something unique, as with our tequilas. Our aim was to maximise flavour whilst at the same time creating a spirit that is as smooth as possible. We wanted to add more character to the drink to make it noble and serious, but without sacrificing the smoothness of the product, so the structure was achieved by increasing the ABV to 43% which gives our Mezcal that traditional ‘kick’ that Mezcal lovers expect.”

Mezcal is a precious liquid and nearly all Mezcals are hand-crafted using the traditional tahona wheel and manual work. The liquid is made using underground ovens to cook the agaves which have been cultivated for seven years. Copper pot stills, sealed with local clay, are used for the distillation of this precious artisanal liquid whilst open wooden vats, covered with agave fibres, are used for fermentation.

Each bottle of Rooster Rojo Mezcal is signed by the Maestro mezcalero (the master Mezcal maker) Rodolfo Lopez Juan, authenticating the product to assure people that the correct production processes have been followed. The methods are passed down from generation to generation and the Master distiller learnt his craft from his father who founded this distillery.

The dark, traditional clay bottle prevents the liquid being affected by direct sunlight and is said to ensure, following a traditional local belief, that the Mezcal must not be visible to the ‘bad eye’ before being consumed.

In Mexican culture, Mezcal is a valued and rare drink kept to mark special occasions. It is considered to be a gift from the sun, as the energy which was captured by the agave plants over many years is released in a pure liquid expression. It must not be consumed in a rush, but with respect ensuring that people enjoy every sip of it, understanding how much work and know-how go into its production.

Once available, Rooster Rojo Mezcal will be sold in 75cl bottles in the USA and 70cl bottles in the rest of the world. Initially, it will be distributed in the Baltics, the UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Australia, and the USA.

The perfect serve for Rooster Rojo Mezcal is neat, at room temperature from an authentic Mexican mezcal shot glass. This spirit can also be enjoyed in classic Mezcal cocktails.

It will be priced at approximately £50 (€56; $60US) per bottle.

Mantas Zlatkus concluded: “If consumers realised how much work and effort goes into delivering a bottle of Mezcal to your table, they would appreciate every drop of this precious liquid even more. It is not only about the liquid production itself with tiny production batches, manual work and special terroir, but the long years of cultivating the Agave plants in the burning sun of Oaxacan mountains, a remote and harsh location, and deliveries requiring an armed escort. Rooster Rojo Mezcal is the real thing, the real soul of Mexico, the gift from the Mexican people to the rest of the world.”



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