Cellar Trends forges a strategic alliance with Amber Beverage Group

May 15, 2017

Cellar Trends, the leading branded alcohol and associated products distributor, has welcomed investment in the company by the Amber Beverage Group, the largest alcohol manufacturer and distributor in the Baltics and part of SPI global group.

Cellar Trends

Both Cellar Trends and the Amber Beverage Group confirmed that the investment is of a strategic nature and that management and operational control of Cellar Trends will remain unchanged, under the direction of the Watts & Marriott families, the majority shareholders.

Martin Watts and David Marriott, Joint Managing Directors of Cellar Trends are excited by this alliance and the potential that it will bring to develop the company further.

“Cellar Trends, and our employees, over the last 18 years have a terrific track record in developing brands and this partnership will give us access to other product areas, and strengthen our portfolio and teams for the benefit of both existing and new brand owners. We share, with the Amber Beverage Group team, the same philosophy on the ways to work closely in partnership with brand owners, building their brands in the UK, to mutual advantage”, said Martin Watts, Joint Managing Director of Cellar Trends.

Seymour Paul Ferreira, the CEO of Amber Beverage Group, welcomed the new partnership as an exciting opportunity for us to learn more about the strategically important UK market and for us to continue to develop our international footprint.

“Cellar Trends has extensive expertise, experience and knowledge developed over many years creating markets for many iconic and well-known brands. By joining our forces and experiences we look forward to bringing new exciting experiences to the UK and over time strengthening our market presence”, said Seymour Ferreira, CEO of Amber Beverages.

Cellar Trends are the UK's leading distributor of alcohol brands, with a portfolio boasting a wide range of leading wines, spirits, beers and associated products:

“Our range of Premium spirits covers most category sectors; we have ground-breaking champagne and sparkling wines from France; our wines from Spain continue to grow apace, and our non-alcoholic mixer drink and cocktail ingredient ranges cover all needs: and importantly we have now added a significant beer brand to our portfolio,” added David Marriott, Joint Managing Director of Cellar Trends.



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