Ambitious launch in the US for Riga Black Balsam

December 11, 2017

This November was an exciting month for the Riga Black Balsam® brand - we finally launched it in the US!  With an official brand presentation in New York, Amber Beverage Group has paved the way for Riga Black Balsam® to reach its US consumers. After New York, we will introduce Riga Black Balsam® to Texas, Florida, San Francisco and Illinois during 2018. Riga Black Balsam’s® goal is to become a TOP5 premium brand in herbal bitters category within the next five years.

Riga Black Balsam America

We gave the brand a high profile launch to the US market in New York’s cocktail bar “The Wooly”, based in the legendary and stylish Woolworth Building. We were delighted that media experts John McCarthy 
(representing Forbes, Maxim and Men’s Health), Sam Slaughter
from The Manual, Marissa Chafetz from the spirits and cocktail culture guide Supercall and many professional bloggers came to Riga Black Balsam’s® launch. We were incredibly pleased to see so many of New York’s leading bartenders attending the event as well,” explains Riga Black Balsam® Global Brand Director Maris Kalnins.

“In New York, everyone knows that Kristaps Porzingis (lead player of the New York Knicks) comes from Latvia and we want people to know that Riga Black Balsam® is also proud of its Latvian origins,” asserts Kalnins.

“To accomplish our goals we will focus on brand awareness increase among United States Bartenders Guild members and participation in the most important industry trade fairs,” says Kalnins. “For 2018 our priority is - product availability in premium bars across New York and other target markets as well,” explains Maris Kalnins.

Currently, consumers in the US market can already get to know and enjoy two excellent products – the original version of Riga Black Balsam® and Riga Black Balsam® Currant. Next fall we will launch newcomer of product range: Riga Black Balsam® Cherry.

About Riga Black Balsam®:

Riga Black Balsam® is an herbal bitter made in Latvia, based on 24 individual ingredients, which create a unique and elegant flavor. With a history dating back over 265 years, Riga Black Balsam® is one of the oldest brands in the world in its category. This legendary beverage is sold in over 30 countries, with over four million bottles being produced every year.

The brand was launched on the U.S. market in collaboration with New York-based Aligned Beverage Solutions LLC, which was appointed to represent Riga Black Balsam® in the U.S. earlier this year. For Riga Black Balsam® distribution opportunities in the U.S., please contact Aligned Beverage Solutions LLC:



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