Amber Beverage Group marries whiskey & tequila businesses to create Writers’ Tears Tequila Cask Finish Irish whiskey

November 06, 2023

The fast-growing global spirits company, Amber Beverage Group (ABG) has married two expressions from its Irish whiskey and Mexican tequila businesses to create the first ever commercial release of a Tequila Cask finished Single Pot Still Irish whiskey. The Loop at Dublin Airport is the exclusive global partner for this preview release of Writers’ Tears® Limited Edition Tequila Cask Finish Irish whiskey, which will be followed by an international release for 2024 Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Writers' Tears Tequila Cask Finish Irish whiskey

Writers’ Tears Limited Edition Tequila Cask Finish Irish whiskey is a creative collaboration between two ABG businesses from Europe and Central America. They are ABG’s centre of whiskey excellence, Walsh Whiskey in Ireland’s County Carlow, and Amber Production Tequila, a distillery located in the legendary Mexican town of Tequila.

The award-winning Writers’ Tears Single Pot Still whiskey was first matured in bourbon barrels before finishing in Añejo tequila barrels for nine months. This unique combination creates a vibrant Irish whiskey, bursting with bold character and complex flavours designed to take people on a sensory journey of discovery.

It is non-chill filtered, bottled at an ABV of 47%. The limited edition will retail for €99.

Announcing the world’s first commercial release of a Tequila finished Single Pot Still Irish whiskey, Walsh Whiskey Managing Director Bernard Walsh said: “We are delighted to be adding another unique taste profile to the Writers’ Tears range for our loyal whiskey enthusiasts while hopefully attracting a new audience from the tequila community. I am sure everyone will enjoy the marriage of these two super-premium spirits from the Amber Beverage Group. The oily mouth-feel of Single Pot Still whiskey combined with the rich complexity of Añejo tequila barrels from Amber Production Tequila distillery is a delight to experience.”

Writers’ Tears Tequila Cask Finish is rendered in specially commissioned tin packaging and a vibrant label featuring the Mexican calavera or ‘sugar skull’ reflecting Mexico’s rich and colourful celebration of life.

Tasting Notes:

Nose – Aromas of earthy herbal liquor.

Taste – Hints of cracked black pepper and tobacco leaf.

Finish – Vanilla and coffee. Sweet and savoury.

Established in 1999, and Amber Beverage Group’s (ABG) centre of whiskey excellence since 2021, Walsh Whiskey is a leading producer of super-premium to prestige Irish whiskeys. Its critically acclaimed whiskeys are dedicated to celebrating the Single Pot Still (Writers’ Tears) and Single Malt (The Irishman) premium styles of whiskey. To date this comprises 26 expressions based on historic recipes from the 19th century, Irish whiskey’s golden age, and a range of rare finishes including Mizunara, Florio Marsala, Rum, Cognac, Tawny Port, Coffee Stout, Seaweed IPA, Icewine and of course Oloroso and PX Sherries.

ABG is planning to build one of the largest distilleries in the Irish whiskey category. Subject to planning permission, Walsh Whiskey Distillery at Dunleckney, in County Carlow Ireland, will become the brand home for ABG’s two critically acclaimed super-premium whiskeys – Writers’ Tears® and The Irishman®. The distillery will have the capacity to grow to 4 million LPAs annually. The capacity will facilitate ABG’s plans to lay down and mature significant reserves of whiskey over the long term.



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