CEO announcement to ABG partners on renaming distribution companies

April 27, 2021

Dear Business Partner,

As a valued partner of Amber Beverage Group (ABG), we wanted to share with you a significant milestone. Today five of our distribution companies, Think Spirits in Australia, Cellar Trends in the UK, Bennet Distributors in Lithuania and Mountain Spirits in Austria and Germany will be united under the same name: Amber.

ABG renaming its distribution companies

In order to expand Amber Beverage Group’s global footprint and ensure the company name remains at the forefront of customers’ minds, ABG will be making changes to the following companies which are already part of the Amber Beverage Group:

  • Bennet Distributors will become Amber Distribution Lithuania
  • Cellar Trends will become Amber Beverage UK
  • Think Spirits will become Amber Beverage Australia
  • Mountain Spirits entities will become Amber Beverage Austria and Amber Beverage Germany

We would like to reassure you that it is business as usual and that there will be no major changes in our partnership. Our address, VAT number, telephone and contract will stay the same and the same team will be working with you from our side. Only the company name will change on orders, invoices, delivery sheets etc. In a few weeks, our colleagues will also have new email addresses, ending with and we will let you know once the changes take place.

Jekaterina Stuģe, CEO of Amber Beverage Group, has said about the name change: “We are growing exponentially and at a high speed which is characteristic of ABG. Renaming five of our distribution companies to include our company name will strengthen Amber Beverage Group’s corporate identity and reinforce everything that we stand for and everything we aspire to become. In addition, a new slogan for the whole Group is announced using the Amber initials: Ambitious Minds Bring Excellent Results.

We have exciting and ambitious plans to become one of the Top10 spirits industry players globally. It is not just the distributor logos and names that will change; we see this process as a cross-functional change and believe consistent branding to be a core part of our long-term strategy to support our global growth. We are implementing the same excellent execution practices and high standards across all our companies and we will apply the same principles to each of our distribution companies.”

“I would like to note that we are still the same company and team behind the new look, and we are dedicated to providing the best services and, of course, beverages to our customers. We’re incredibly passionate about the work that we do at Amber Beverage Group and we are grateful to everyone involved in this journey – colleagues, partners and clients,” said Arturs Evarts, Chief Legal Officer at Amber Beverage Group and the Lead on this project.

Thank you for being such a valued partner and we look forward to working together in the future!

Kind regards,


Jekaterina Stuģe


Amber Beverage Group



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