Rooster Rojo Tequila renews sponsorship of J2-Racing Team

March 06, 2020

Amber Beverage Group-owned Rooster Rojo® tequila has renewed its sponsorship of the Rooster Rojo J2-Racing motorsports endurance race team for 2020. This will be the fourth year the brand has sponsored the team. The speed-loving team’s car, a Mercedes-AMG GT3, has also had a dynamic re-design for this year’s races, held annually at the world-famous Nürburgring track in Germany.

Rooster Rojo J2-Racing is the name given to the team participating in the VLN and ADAC 24-hour endurance races, made up of experienced racing drivers John Shoffner and Janine Hill. The team’s main sponsor is the global beverage company Amber Beverage Group, with its outstanding brand, Rooster Rojo – a premium 100% Blue Agave tequila, which shares the team’s passion and willingness to always be first.

“We are delighted that, for the fourth year in a row, Rooster Rojo will be side by side with John and Janine, participating in this season’s races. As well as extending our collaboration, we are extremely excited about the new design of the car, which is more dynamic and eye-catching than ever. Like the Rooster Rojo, the red rooster that is the symbol of Mexico, we believe that John and Janine will be serious contenders in the upcoming season, collecting even more gold medals on the podium,” concluded the Global Brand Director of Rooster Rojo tequila, Mantas Zlatkus.

The whole team is also pleased to announce that the Rooster Rojo J2-Racing team is featured in the movie that takes a look behind the scenes of the VLN endurance championship – THE HELL. “It’s a real honour for me and John to be featured in the new spectacular documentary series of Nürburgring where, from more than 100 hundred racers, only a specific octet with different backgrounds and careers were chosen,” commented Janine Hill. “We were equipped with audio cables throughout the entire day of each VLN race and an onboard camera was fitted into our car. We had so much fun with our camera man capturing exciting stories and footage from the race. We are pleased to show our fans and supporters the real deal of what racing in these supercars, on such a famous racetrack, feels like,” said Janine Hill.

Rooster Rojo® tequila is available in three expressions, Blanco, Reposado and Anejo. It is a super-premium tequila brand that has won awards at the world’s most prestigious beverage competitions. Made from 100% top quality agave juice, Rooster Rojo is aged in controlled humidity to ensure a stable and sustainable process. Rooster Rojo tequila is produced at Fabrica de Tequilas Finos distillery, located in the city of Tequila, Jalisco state of Mexico, at the foot of Tequila hill. Each batch is blended and delivered-to-perfection taste palate.

Amber Beverage Group is a holding company that has grown from its original core production business established in 1900, to become the global spirits company that unites over 2,200 employees in almost 20 companies across four continents. Amber Beverage Group operates internationally from head office in Luxembourg through its production and distribution companies in Russia, Mexico, UK, Australia, Austria and the Baltics. It is a leading producer, distributor, logistic provider and retailer of alcoholic beverages.



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