Rooster Rojo J2-Racing: 2019 VLN provided us rain, snow and hell of a fun ride

October 29, 2019

GT3 motorsports endurance racing team Rooster Rojo J2-Racing has spent the first year in a GT3 car, was strong in the rain races and had multiple podium finishes. For the next year team is set to hunt for better overall placements and they believe they have all the ingredients for a great 2020 season.

J2 photo

“It’s gone so fast and has been a hell of a fun ride! We had one win and several second and third places in class, so we’re happy. It was our first year in a GT3 car so it was a development year for Rooster Rojo J2-Racing and for our support team GetSpeed Performance,” said John Shoffner. “We have learned a lot. The GT3 car is very sensitive and this has been the biggest surprise for us, we truly owe a lot of thanks to our engineer Phillip Nölle who has done a great job of setting up the car for our Pro-Am team.

“It has been a challenging and very wet season with rain and sometimes snow slowing down the pace on track. Pushing a GT3 at the limit is a tricky thing and takes time to master. But with a good team like GetSpeed Performance and a co-driver like Fabian Schiller we are encouraged by the result and look forward to continuing the story in 2020,” said John Shoffner.

“2019 was the best season for our team as we managed to get pole qualification during VLN7, which gave great publicity for the brand,” said Mantas Zlatkus, the Global Brand Director of Rooster Rojo tequila. “Having in mind that we are racing against the best teams in the highest class, we are finishing strongly, similarly as Rooster Rojo brand in Europe. This year we opened almost ten new markets such as Germany, Norway, Russia, Netherlands, Denmark, and noticeably increased distribution in the Baltics and the UK.”

“It’s been fun working with Rooster Rojo for our third season together. We really enjoyed the Baltic Tour and fun groups of people coming to enjoy the racing with us. As we look forward to next year, you can bet we will do better in our class and will hunt for better overall placements - we have all the ingredients for a great 2020 season,” said Janine Hill.

Rooster Rojo J2-Racing is the name under which a talented and experienced team of pilots participates in the international and well-known VLN and ADAC races. The main sponsor of the team is the global spirits company Amber Beverage Group, with its outstanding brand Rooster Rojo® – a premium 100% Blue Agave tequila, which shares the team’s passion and willingness to always be first. Rooster Rojo® is an outstanding tequila brand that has already won numerous medals in some of the world’s biggest beverage competitions.



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