Amber Beverage Australia to distribute Walsh Whiskey’s super-premium whiskey ranges

February 01, 2022

Amber Beverage Australia has been appointed by Walsh Whiskey as the exclusive Australian distributor of the internationally acclaimed, super-premium Irish whiskey ranges: The Irishman® and Writers’ Tears®. The appointment is effective from the 1st of February 2022.

Amber Beverage Group

Amber Beverage Australia will distribute four expressions in The Irishman range (The Harvest, Single Malt, 12 Year Old Single Malt, Vintage Cask Strength) and six from the Writers’ Tears portfolio (Copper Pot, Double Oak, Red Head, Vintage Cask Strength, Japanese Mizunara Finish, Florio Marsala Finish).

Announcing the partnership with Amber Beverage Australia, Walsh Whiskey co-founder Bernard Walsh said: “Irish whiskey sales in Australia have more than doubled in the last five years and, given the double-digit growth of the category internationally for all bar one year in the last 30 years, I am sure that will continue under the expertise of the Amber Beverage Australia team.”

Amber Beverage Australia distributes a portfolio of premium spirits and liqueurs Australia-wide and boasts local representation in all six states and the two territories of Australia.

Patrick Borg, Managing Director of Amber Beverage Australia, said: “We’re thrilled to be distributing Walsh Whisky and have no doubt The Irishman and Writer’s Tears will fit in seamlessly into Amber Beverage Australia’s portfolio of premium spirits and liqueurs – with the unique taste profiles both brands offer through their portfolios. Amber Beverage Australia has a proven track record of building brands through planned consumer and trade marketing and we look forward to working with Walsh Whisky to grow these iconic brands here in Australia.”

Walsh Whiskey’s Writers’ Tears and The Irishman premium Irish whiskeys are available in over 50 countries worldwide and have been poured in Australia since 2009 and 2015 respectively. Both brands offer taste profiles that are unique, through the recreation of traditional Irish whiskey recipes from the 19th century – Ireland’s golden era of whiskey distilling.

The Irishman is dedicated to being single malt focused – whether championed in pure expressions or blends. Writers’ Tears is Pot Still forward in style and a salute to the great Irish writers of the 19th and 20th centuries such as Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett. Pot Still is a uniquely Irish style of whiskey comprising both malted and unmalted barley – leading to a creamier mouthfeel and spicier taste. The fact that the creation of this style was an indirect result of distillers avoiding the Crown’s stealth taxes on Irish whiskey in the 18th century is a story in itself best explored with the whiskey.

These triple-distilled super-premium whiskeys have amassed a swathe of international awards over the years. 2021 saw the portfolio accumulate no fewer than 19 awards across 14 expressions from San Francisco to Tokyo (taking the long way round).



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