Amber Beverage Group opens new logistics center in Latvia

October 23, 2014

A new logistics centre, Amber Logistics, part of the international spirits company Amber Beverage Group, was opened in Stopiņi county, near the capital city Riga. Amber Logistics centre will specialise in the storage of alcoholic beverages and the provision of transportation services in the Baltic Region. Over 500 thousand euros were invested in the development of the new logistics centre.

lentas griesana

It is expected that the annual cargo turnover at Amber Logistics will be 35 million litres which is equal to almost 25% of all alcoholic beverages (except beer) transferred in Latvia in 2013.

Amber Logistics will be one of the largest specialised logistics service centres in Latvia with a total area of more than 12 thousand square metres. It houses the domestic market goods of producer, JSC Latvijas balzams, the imports and wholesale goods warehouse of SPI Distribution Latvia, and the company headquarter.



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