Seymour Ferreira: The reason to celebrate the 5th anniversary of ABG

October 24, 2019

Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

Five years have passed since we established the Amber Beverage Group. It’s been an extraordinary journey from a pan-Baltic to a global beverage company. In doing so we have added new production facilities, distribution channels and brands to our portfolio to be able to offer a more direct service and experience to our partners, customers and consumers worldwide.

Amber Beverage Group

During this time, our company has become an international one, with people based all over the world. We now own and operate businesses in Mexico, USA, Russia, UK and Australia, as well as in the Baltic's, where we started. Next month we will announce another new member to the ABG family.

Our global international teams now focus on five core brands that we are proud to produce and distribute: Riga Black Balsam® - the world’s oldest herbal bitter,  Moskovskaya® Vodka - an iconic brand with over 100 years of vodka making traditions, Rooster Rojo® - 100% Blue Agave tequila, Cosmopolitan Diva®  - gold-filtered fusion sparkling,  and our latest newcomer – Cross Keys Gin® that represents the true spirit of the Baltic States. Additionally, we now have over 240 wholly owned brands that are well-received in more than 185 markets where ABG is active.

In the Baltic's we now have four strong, unassailable distribution companies and can proudly claim market dominance in all three countries. We continue to attract world-class, third-party brands and have just agreed some exciting new brands for 2020.

Our production companies in Russia, Mexico, Latvia and Estonia have world class capabilities and this year alone we will invest more than €5 million in production improvements - including our barrel farm and fire pits in Mexico.

We have been an ambitious company and I am sure that we will continue to be so as we now focus our attention on becoming a 1-billion-euro company. I am very proud to have been part of this journey and am excited for what ABG can achieve in the next five years!

I hope that today all my 2165 colleagues will celebrate and take a moment to reflect on their role in our achievements. To our partners all around the world I’m thankful for the cooperation and I’m sure that the next five years will bring us incredible accomplishments, extraordinary brand experiences and an exciting growth!


Seymour Ferreira

CEO, Amber Beverage Group



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