KAH Tequila releases their first premium aged expression: KAH Extra Añejo

February 18, 2022

KAH® Tequila announces the debut of their aged expression, KAH Extra Añejo. This new release represents an evolution in KAH's portfolio, showcasing Master Distiller Arturo Fuentes's care and dedication to coaxing out higher levels of complexity in the agave. The result: an unforgettable distinctive aged spirit.

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To produce remarkable Extra Añejo Tequila that hits the mark every time, the skilled team that distills KAH had to consider and adapt to several variables during the tequila-making process. Master Distiller, Arturo Fuentes, and the dedicated team at Fabrica de Tequilas Finos sought to add depth, beauty, and dimension in a manner that would achieve this aim without overshadowing the essence and characteristics of the agave plant and the resulting tequila.

"This is more than just a bottle of delicious, well-made tequila. It symbolizes time spent in cultivating the agave plant for years, years spent aging and nurturing, by the local community and team committed to creating a unique spirit that delights those who taste it," notes Arturo Fuentes.

Creating an Extra Añejo with abundant agave characteristics and flavor but with an assertive oak profile is achieved by using the best raw materials - the agave and the oak casks must be carefully selected. Matured for a minimum of three years in white American Oak barrels, KAH Extra Añejo Tequila features smooth pepper and smoky wood flavors with hints of sweet spice, vanilla, honey maple, and caramel.

This bottle not only contains some of the highest quality aged tequila available, but the design of the bottle is also striking, perfect as a centerpiece for any home bar-cart. The bottle design features a unique clay bottle with deep royal green enamel. This hue symbolizes eternity and fruitfulness, representing the things that matter, back in Mayan times and today. Adding an extra layer of creativity, the bottle's label uses a special phosphorus ink, so the eyes within the Calavera skull and other decorative elements glow vibrantly in the dark.

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In Mexican culture, friendship is sincere, impulsive, and caring. It is defined by what friends do together rather than just being together. The true inspiration behind the creation of KAH Extra Añejo was to celebrate friendship most purely and genuinely. In the figurative style of a Dia de Los Muertos ofrenda altar, KAH wishes us all to raise a toast and an offering to our friendships and praise every moment of it. Nowadays, the skull symbol serves as a popular gift, exchanged by friends and sweethearts, as a symbol of a bond of affection so strong it will endure not just throughout this life but also throughout the next.

The release of KAH Extra Añejo will be available globally, and available across the US through both physical and online retailers. For more information, please visit https://kahtequila.com/ and follow Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on social media.



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