Moskovskaya® taps into pink trend with new vodka

September 04, 2019

Moskovskaya® Vodka, the iconic brand with over 100 years of vodka making traditions, has released an answer to the global pink gin trend – Moskovskaya Pink vodka. New and innovative beverage tailored especially for the Spanish market is now set to enter markets also in the UK, Italy, Portugal and elsewhere.

Moskovskaya Pink Vodka

“Moskovskaya Pink is our innovative answer to the popular pink gin trend, which has taken Spain’s market by storm as an explosive phenomenon,” said Renatas Alekna, the Global Brand Director of Moskovskaya Vodka. “Its unique taste profile is mild and refreshing thanks to raspberries, fresh lime and a touch of the juniper. Many bartenders have complimented its great pink colour. It is sweeter than usual gin and will deliver a fresh twist to the classic G&T,” said Renatas Alekna.

“Moskovskaya is a well-known and beloved brand in Spain. Since the launch at the beginning of this summer we have received numerous positive feedbacks from industry experts,” said Beatriz Álvarez, Marketing Director at Varma, the Spanish company who has led Moskovskaya’s Pink global launch. “Moskovskaya Pink is going to disrupt the vodka’s market in Europe thanks to the powerful flavour and its striking colour into the segment. Whether you’re heading out early in the evening or getting ready for a night in with friends, Moskovskaya Pink and Tonic will be the right choice for a perfect evening!” said Beatriz Álvarez.

After good results in Spain, Amber Beverage Group partners from other markets have shown big interest in this innovative beverage that is made to the original Moskovskaya recipe. “We’re excited to launch Moskovskaya Pink, which aims to give both vodka and pink gin fans a fresh take on their favourite drink. The launch in next markets will be supported through an integrated global marketing campaign communicating the Moskovskaya Pink quality and authenticity of our brand,” said Renatas Alekna.

Amber Beverage Group-owned Moskovskaya Pink is bottled at 38% abv and carries an RRP of EUR 11.50 per 700ml bottle.



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