Self-isolated famous bartenders unite to mix virtual cocktail - Quarantine Margarita

April 21, 2020

To reinforce the self-isolation message, whilst looking for an uplifting and light hearted solution, several world-famous bartenders who are currently working from home responded to the call by Ansis Ancovs, a global cocktail champion and Rooster Rojo® tequila global brand ambassador, to create one virtual Quarantine Margarita cocktail.

Rooster Rojo Ansis Ancovs

 "I’ve been communicating regularly with my industry brothers and sisters from all over the world during self-isolation. After about two weeks of work with bartenders from Australia, the USA, Mexico, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Latvia and other countries, we made an uplifting video,” says Ansis Ancovs, global brand ambassador for Rooster Rojo® tequila.

"This video includes some really big names in the industry: three-time world flair champion Marek Posluszny from Poland, world champions in the classic discipline Mario Hofferer from Austria, Andris Reizenbergs from Latvia, Agnieszka Cieslar from Poland and nine-time Austrian flair champion and three-time world championship finalist Stefan Haneder from Austria, Ukrainian talent Vlodimir Buryanov from the USA and Clinton Weir from Australia, the finalist of several world championships, and few more great bartenders from other countries,” says Ansis Ancovs.

"The whole bartender community is currently forced to stay home, but that doesn't stop the work we love. Masterclasses continue online as well as online bars; it is possible to adapt to everything so that after a while we can all look forward to meeting again in person,” comments Ansis Ancovs.


- didn’t take long for us to find a way to cure this loneliness —

Posted by Ansis Ancovs on Tuesday, 14 April 2020


Rooster Rojo® tequila is produced in small batches in the town of Tequila in Mexico, using only 100% blue agave. Carefully crafted by the Fabrica de Tequilas Finos master distiller, Arturo Fuentes Cortes and blended with water filtered through real Mexican silver, Rooster Rojo is the first tequila to use this technique, resulting in an authentic and high quality spirit.

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