The perfect time for Riga Black Balsam® to conquer new markets

September 19, 2018

In recent years, along with gin and whisky, herbal bitters are one of the three main beverages categories responsible for the growth of the spirits market globally. The latest forecasts indicate that this trend will continue for years to come.

Riga Black Balsam

“Our observations indicate that consumers are becoming more educated, knowledgeable and demanding in relation to alcohol consumption, alcohol brands and their offerings. Consumer trends are changing, shifting from quantity to quality, which is reflected in the stagnation of the vodka market, and in consumption of so-called shots. In their place, consumers are increasingly choosing to enjoy cocktails, because the most important thing is not the outcome, but rather the process of enjoyment,” said Maris Kalnins, Riga Black Balsam® Global Brand Director.

The victory march of mixology is being driven by trends carried over from other realms of life, e.g. eating habits. Consumers in the realm of alcoholic beverages are increasingly adopting the so-called “health aware approach”, whereby choose brands with a lower quantity of calories, a lower sugar level, which are made from natural ingredients and can be easily enjoyed in cocktails. All these factors explain why herbal bitter segment products are becoming increasingly popular and in demand, why the perception of them is changing along with the way these products are consumed and used not only among consumers but also by barmen.

“In light of the fact that it fully corresponds to the primary market and consumer trends globally, this is the perfect time for Riga Black Balsam® to conquer new markets and become one of Latvia’s foremost export brands. Currently, Riga Black Balsam® is exported to over 30 countries around the world including Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Italy,” said Maris Kalnins.



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