Moskovskaya Vodka – setting the record straight

March 09, 2022

The Ukrainian crisis has made people take note of which vodkas are Russian – and which are not. One of the world’s renowned vodkas which is decidedly not Russian is Moskovskaya Vodka. Stockists and consumers can continue to enjoy this vodka with a clear conscience: using 100% European Union materials, Moskovskaya is produced by Amber Beverage Group (ABG) in its Latvian distillery established in 1900 – Latvijas balzams.

Moskovskaya Vodka

“As the founder of the SPI Group, the holding company of Amber Beverage Group, I relocated all production to Latvia when I was forced into a conflict with Putin’s regime in 2000 and left Russia. I am grateful to Latvia and its people for providing a safe haven for the company. It has been a great journey, bringing close to 1.5 billion euros paid in taxes to the state of Latvia,” said Yuri Shefler, the main shareholder of Amber Beverage Group.

Moskovskaya Vodka – a 100% European Union brand

Due to the brand’s name, the true provenance of Moskovskaya Vodka may surprise people. Moskovskaya is one of the world’s great heritage vodkas and is produced by Amber Beverage Group in its Latvian distillery – Amber Latvijas balzams.

Key things to know about Moskovskaya Vodka:

  • Moskovskaya Vodka will continue to be produced in Latvia, a European Union and NATO member.
  • Since 1900, Moskovskaya has been made by the leading producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltic States – Amber Latvijas balzams, based in Riga, Latvia.
  • All materials needed for Moskovskaya Vodka production are sourced only from European Union countries.
  • One of the most famous in the world, Moskovskaya Osobaya Vodka (38% and 40% ABV), is made according to centuries-old vodka-making traditions: using the highest quality wheat, carrying out triple distillation, which is followed by three filtration steps, and maintaining the unique Osobaya vodka flavour.

Because of the current situation in Ukraine, Amber Latvijas balzams has had to change the delivery routes of some materials. For example, for several years, the company used various materials from Ukraine: corks, capsules, bottles, labels, and shippers. For the continuity of the company's operations, the supply of these materials is currently switching to other European Union countries: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Germany.

The brand is growing fast, and one of the reasons is that this is not only a traditional vodka but also that it is ‘green’. The memorable green label reflects the brand’s environmental sustainability ambitions with regard to production, water conservation and responsible consumption. They are aiming at achieving carbon neutrality within the next few years.



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