Tesco to list KAH Tequila, a first for the retailer

August 29, 2022

Amber Beverage UK has announced that Tesco is to stock KAH Tequila Blanco, its first super-premium tequila listing, across over 500 Tesco stores in the UK. Tesco is the first retailer to hold a packaging format for KAH that is unique in the UK: a ‘brick’ shaped bottle featuring the famous KAH skull motif.

Amber Beverage Group

The design gives the product excellent shelf-standout. The 70cl bottles will cost £35 making this probably the first super-premium tequila in any UK mainstream grocery multiple. Consumers are expected to be attracted by the iconic ceramic bottle with its cork stopper.

This wide distribution for the super-premium brand underlines Tesco’s confidence that tequila is set to be one of the next big trends in spirits. Moving into the super-premium tequila category is an important strategic move for Tesco as the retailer believes this is going to be a fast-growing segment. Tesco is a contender for discerning consumers who want premium foods and drinks and this brand fits well with that ethos of choice combined with good value.

Amber Beverage UK, whose parent company, Amber Beverage Group, also owns the Rooster Rojo brand, has done much to promote the fine sipping qualities of premium and super-premium brands. No longer is tequila considered a drink for ‘slamming’ in shots as consumers understand that well-made, 100% blue agave tequilas are spirits that are so smooth they can be enjoyed neat on the rocks as a sipping drink or in contemporary and classic cocktails.

Tina Connolly, Senior Brand Manager for Amber Beverage UK, said: “Tesco selected KAH because it provides the perfect combination of a supremely well-made tequila with a beautiful bottle that will have great presence on-shelf. Tesco has expressed its pride in being the first UK stockist of this particular format, the ‘brick’ bottle, which has currently only been available to KAH customers in the USA and Canada.”

Tequila is a popular option for summer drinking and, with a growing interest in fine spirits, Amber Beverage UK also expects other occasions to trigger purchases, especially calendar events such as Halloween and Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) - the traditional Mexican celebration - as well as autumn and festive gifting and entertaining.

KAH is an elegantly made, authentic tequila crafted in the heart of Tequila in Mexico where Amber Beverage Group cultivates much of the agave crop on land that it owns.

Tina Connolly added: “Our strategy has been for KAH to chiefly be an on-trade product. Bartenders love it and we think that Tesco consumers will too. We are thrilled to be working with the team at Tesco and are proud that this is the brand’s first major multiple retailer listing.

“As a company, we are working to edify consumers about the differences between mixtos costing less than £20 a bottle and a super-premium product such as KAH. As a category, tequila has never shunned sipping. If you are in Mexico, tequila is always considered to be a sipping spirit. The new mindset for 100% agave tequila will get people realising that, just as with the gin category 15 years’ ago, perceptions are changing along with habits.”



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