New Riga Black Balsam Cherry reaches record high sales figures

October 04, 2017
Riga Black Balsam Cherry

Within two months, more than 70,000 bottles of “Riga Black Balsam® Cherry” are sold.

Riga Black Balsam Cherry is a newcomer to the product line of "Riga Black Balsam®". Production began in August 2017 and has already reached significant volumes of sale. In a period of almost two months, more than 70,000 bottles of “Riga Black Balsam® Cherry” or approximately 33,000 litres have been sold. The new Cherry Balsam is already 16% of the total sales volume of "Riga Black Balsam®".

Initially “Riga Black Balsam® Cherry” was intended to be produced as a limited edition offer, with a focus on the Latvian market. After seeing the enormous demand and the high sales figures, a decision was made to include it as a standard offer for the product line of "Riga Black Balsam®". And ambitious goals have been set to increase the local market share, and actively conquer export markets, thus promoting Latvian exports in general.

By October, “Riga Black Balsam® Cherry” will be available in the major retail chains in Lithuania and Estonia. But in 2018, expansion has been planned of “Riga Black Balsam® Cherry” to Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries and elsewhere across the world. The product will also be available at the duty-free shops of European airports.

"Riga Black Balsam® Cherry” has confidently started a successful journey in the market of alcoholic beverages. It proves that the intensive work invested by our master distiller - and lasting for more than a year - as well as the 111 attempts to find the natural balance of tastes between the ingredients of balsam and cherry have successfully hit the mark. We plan for end of year sales volumes of “Riga Black Balsam® Cherry” in the Latvian market to increase by 170%, and in export markets by nearly 120%. And next year we plan to double the sales volumes in comparison with 2017," stated “Riga Black Balsam®” Global Brand Director Maris Kalnins.

“Riga Black Balsam® Cherry” boasts an original, contemporary and unique bouquet of flavours created by the combination of “Riga Black Balsam®” and natural cherry juice. The new product was launched this year in honour of the 265th anniversary of the brand's original recipe.



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