Celebrating the opening of the Latvijas balzams Tour center

May 02, 2019

The largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltic States, Latvijas balzams, has opened its doors to a wider public, unveiling on April 30 the factory Tour center. The first official tour of the factory was celebrated together with the representatives of Latvijas balzams tourism industry experts, authors of the concept of the Tour center and local media.

“For decades we have been facing the desire of residents and tourists to visit the factory, so today starting the 120th anniversary of Latvijas balzams, we are ready to welcome guests to the factory,” says Intars Geidans, Chairman of the Board of Latvijas balzams. Experienced design experts such as Mareks Birznieks, Liene Griezite and Martins Dambergs were involved in the development of the concept and design of the Latvijas balzams Tour center.

“The greatest interest so far has been regarding the recipe for our legendary Riga Black Balsam, but in this, we will remain firm – only three people in the whole world will continue to know this recipe: the grandmaster of balsam and two of his assistants. However, we will tell all about beverages and filtering processes, labels and bottles, filling challenges and other things that are specific to our industry. We will also give you the opportunity to taste something unique; only during this excursion it will be possible to taste the soul of the Riga Black Balsam or its extract – 15 herbal infusions found in all kinds of Riga Black Balsam,” says Intars Geidans.

During the first official excursion, its visitors were able to explore the activities of Latvijas balzams vodka distillery, the specifics of the production, as well as to visit the Riga Black Balsam cellar where for the first time a special installation of the legendary brand was shown to the wider public informing about its historical beginnings to the present day.

It is possible for anyone to apply for the tour in the Latvijas balzams website in section Excursions. The cost per visit per person is € 15 (inclusive of VAT), the approximate duration of the tour is two hours and the maximum group size is 15 persons. You can book excursions with experienced guides in Latvian, English and Russian languages.

Latvijas balzams Tour center is established with the aim to provide insight into the history, development and production processes of the Latvijas balzams, as well as to promote public awareness of the beverage industry. Along with the opening of the Tour center, the offer of Latvian and Riga tourism products will also be diversified, providing an opportunity to experience an unprecedented experience.



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