Amber Beverage Austria takes over the distribution and marketing of the Three Sixty Vodka

April 01, 2022

In addition to Three Sixty Vodka, Amber Beverage Austria GmbH will also take over the distribution and marketing of the brands Déjà-Vu Aperitif and Shatler's Cocktails. With many years of sales expertise and know-how in addressing customers, Amber Beverage GmbH intends to further strengthen the growth of the Schwarze & Schlichte brands.

Amber Beverage

Markus Panzl, Managing Director of Amber Beverage Austria: "The entire vodka market is currently undergoing complete change. A high-quality vodka from Germany therefore has great potential to grow in one of Austria's largest spirits categories. We believe that vodka will remain a stable and leading spirits category in the coming years due to its great appeal, which we will leverage with the strong brand Three Sixty Vodka. We are convinced that we can position Three Sixty Vodka well in the market. With an extensive brand activation, we are continuing to write the success story of Three Sixty in Austria. With the aperitif Déjà-Vu and the RTD cocktails Shatler's, we also see great potential on the domestic market."

Three Sixty Vodka is the fastest growing vodka in the premium segment in Germany and is the Top 2 premium vodka by revenue and sales. It owes this development not least to its mild and pure taste thanks to quadruple distillation and diamond filtration. The top-class appearance underlines its uniqueness: the brilliant glass bottle with its striking facet cut and the characteristic velvet label with noble silver lettering embossing make for big eyes.

In the Schwarze und Schlichte portfolio since 2008, Three Sixty Vodka has catapulted to second place among premium vodka brands in Germany and established itself in this time. Three Sixty Vodka would now like to expand its successful development outside Germany and especially in Austria together with Amber Beverage Austria GmbH.

Vodka is one of the largest and most important spirits categories in Austria and is considered a "staple" in the country. According to the IWSR, around 6.4 million bottles of vodka were sold in Austria in 2020 and the figures have continued to rise in 2021. Three Sixty has also steadily expanded its market share in this country in recent years and is finding an increasingly large fan base. With a strong activation of the brand, Amber Beverage Austria focuses on a strong positioning of Three Sixty in the domestic vodka market.



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