Amber Beverage Group plans to triple business again

January 18, 2019

Amber Beverage Group is hoping to triple its revenue over the next four years and become a €1 billion (US$1.14bn) business, according to its CEO.

Seymour Ferreira said that since the launch of Amber Beverage Group in 2014, the Luxembourg-headquartered business has tripled its revenue and is seeking to mirror this growth in the coming four years.

“We have moved very quickly and it’s been exciting, and I think we can do it again,” the CEO said. “That means really expanding our portfolio internationally, making sure that we are taking the opportunities to acquire in the right way, building platforms in our core markets, but also making sure the entrepreneurial spirit of the organization is not lost. “With that energy behind us, I think we can become a €1bn company.”

Amber Beverage Group has evolved from a Baltic-based distribution company set up by SPI Group into an international spirits firm following the implementation of an “aggressive” growth strategy.

The group moved into Tequila with the purchase of Fabrica de Tequilas Finos in 2016, launching Rooster Rojo® Tequila in 2017. Amber Beverage enhanced its global footprint last year after increasing its ownership of UK distributor Cellar Trends and acquiring a majority stake in Australia’s Think Spirits. Also last year, the firm took a majority stake in one of Russia’s oldest distilleries, Permalko.

“We are an ambitious company,” said Ferreira. “We would like to have exciting levels of market share in the US, Australia, the UK, Germany and Russia, where we think there is real potential for disruptive brands.”

Amber Beverage Group’s five core brands are Riga Black Balsam® bitter liqueur, Rooster Rojo® Tequila, Moskovskaya® vodka, low-alcohol sparkling beverage Cosmopolitan Diva®, and Cross Keys Gin®, which launched last summer.

According to Ferreira, most serious spirits players will be eyeing a place in the Bourbon industry, and brown spirits more generally. “Those categories continue to be interesting and if an opportunity were to come our way in that area, then we would look really closely at it,” he said. “Everything is expensive at the moment, but I think Bourbon will be on my list before Irish or Scottish.”

Amber Beverage will also seek to enhance its low-alcohol offering to capitalize on “healthful” consumer trends.

“You will see in the next six months or so different products coming from our vodka and Tequila ranges that start to target these low-abv opportunities, but also offer consumers unique experiences. It’s easy to introduce another flavour, but I want us to introduce something that you can’t replicate.”

Source: The Spirits Business



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