Rooster Rojo Mezcal to stage a UK launch at Edinburgh Cocktail Week

September 26, 2023

Edinburgh Cocktail Week (5-16 October) is to be the occasion for the UK release of Rooster Rojo Mezcal. The brand owner, Amber Beverage Group (ABG), has chosen the event as the setting for the launch of this important new Mezcal expression due to the expected high footfall of over 24,000 people over 10 days. This is the leading cocktail festival in the UK that attracts both consumers and professionals from the drinks trade.

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Amber Beverage UK, which represents the brand in the UK, is collaborating with The Raging Bull bar for the launch. As well as activity in the bar itself, the focus will be on the Rooster Rojo and The Raging Bull collaborative pop-up as part of The Cocktail Village near Edinburgh’s Princes Street.

The new ultra-premium Mezcal expression adds to an already successful range that is often the choice of bartenders around the world. This is a high-end liquid that, as a guide, will command an RRP of around £45 per 70cl bottle.

The six Rooster Rojo expressions are:

  • Blanco (38% ABV)
  • Reposado (38% ABV)
  • Añejo (38% ABV)
  • Smoked Pineapple (38% ABV)
  • Ahumado (40% ABV)
  • Mezcal (43% ABV)

Agave spirits are on a significant upward trajectory, and Rooster Rojo Mezcal offers an expanded opportunity to sell agave spirits and bring more consumers into the category. Mezcal is an artisanal and ultra-premium spirit, and, with smoky flavours very much on-trend, this Mezcal is an important new entrant into a fast-growing category that helps venues add another dimension to their menus.

Mantas Zlatkus, Global Brand Director for Rooster Rojo Tequila, said: “The idea to extend the Rooster Rojo Tequila range with Mezcal has been a long-held ambition, as it is a natural fit portraying the core of our brand character. The launch at Edinburgh Cocktail Week is important event for our brand.”

Rooster Rojo Mezcal is a pure, traditionally hand-crafted Mezcal from Oaxaca. This authentic Mexican drink is created in the small craft distillery of Lopes Sosa Palenque in Oaxaca, Mexico, with which Amber Beverage Group is partnering for this venture.

Mantas Zlatkus added: “The previous year, we launched our Ahumado expression at London Cocktail Week, and so it seemed fitting to launch our 6th expression, Rooster Rojo Mezcal, in Scotland.

This is a traditional product with a modern take that amplifies all the best features of a Mezcal. We believe we managed to create something unique, as with our tequilas. We wanted to add more character to the drink to make it noble and serious, but without sacrificing the smoothness of the product, so the structure was achieved by increasing the ABV to 43%.”

Mezcal is a precious liquid, and nearly all Mezcals are hand-crafted using the traditional tahona wheel and manual work. The liquid is made using underground ovens to cook the agaves, which have been cultivated for seven years. Copper pot stills, sealed with local clay, are used for the distillation of this precious artisanal liquid, whilst open wooden vats, covered with agave fibres, are used for fermentation.

Each bottle of Rooster Rojo Mezcal is signed by the Maestro mezcalero (the master Mezcal maker), Rodolfo Lopez Juan, to authenticate it.  

The dark, traditional, opaque bottle looks striking and has been designed to prevent the liquid from being affected by direct sunlight. The perfect serve for Rooster Rojo Mezcal is neat, at room temperature, and it can also be served in classic Mezcal cocktails.

There will be a trade-only event on Thursday 5th October to which bar professionals are welcome at the start of Edinburgh Cocktail Week. In addition, on 15-16 October, the Rooster Rojo Global Brand Ambassador, Ansis Ancovs, will be flying into the UK to attend Edinburgh Cocktail Week, meet bar managers and bartenders, and run tasting sessions.

During the course of Edinburgh Cocktail Week, there will be participation from 100 bars offering signature cocktails at £5 each, plus some of the city’s award-winning venues offering Prestige Cocktails.



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