Bennet Distributors: Growth will be strengthened by online sales

December 10, 2020

The leading distributor of international alcoholic beverages in Lithuania, Bennet Distributors, has been recognised as one of the strongest players in the trade sector in 2020, according to a study “Sector Leaders 2020” conducted by the business media Verslo žinių. With the launch of a new online sales platform, the company is placing particular emphasis on its further development of online sales.

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The company in 2019 had a turnover of EUR 113.8 million, which compared to the previous financial period shows a 15.24% increase. The net profit of Bennet Distributors rose significantly by 56% from EUR 2.56 million to EUR 3.95 million.

“The rapid spread of Covid-19 throughout the world has, of course, affected the work of several companies in our country. Although we face a number of challenges, we at Bennet Distributors do our best to ensure continuity of business and services for all our 7,000 clients,” said Marek Kuklis, CEO of Bennet Distributors. “Coming third in the running after such trade giants as Philip Morris and Lidl, is more than gratifying.”

Lithuania could be considered one of the most challenging countries for beverages: the prohibition of advertising has left very little room for any marketing activity, excise duties for strong spirits have been increased by 10% for the second year in a row, and the virus is causing major disruption across the whole industry, including the HoReCa, tourism, and social gatherings.

“Although the industry has been under heavy pressure, we have shown excellent results driving sales through the off-trade, the relaunching of the on-trade and cost optimisation,” said Marek Kuklis.

As Lithuania is going into lockdown for a second time, Bennet Distributors has launched a new sales platform offering a wide range of alcoholic beverages, outstanding wine collections and more.

“Covid-19 has changed online shopping worldwide and Lithuania is no exception. During the pandemic, online consumption habits have changed significantly, with a greater proportion of consumers buying essential products, such as food and beverages. We are ready to ensure a user-friendly shopping experience without the need to leave the house,” said Marek Kuklis.

Bennet Distributors is the No.1 distributor of international alcoholic beverages in Lithuania serving over 7,000 customers in its key accounts, the HoReCa segment, and traditional trade. 42 million bottles are sold through our network annually. The company was established in 1991 and has a well-developed distribution network throughout Lithuania. Since 2014, Bennet Distributors operates as part of Amber Beverage Group.

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