Amber Beverage Group proudly launches Riga Black Balsam XO super premium expression

May 08, 2020

Global spirits leader, Amber Beverage Group, is proud to announce the launch of its first super premium extension to the historic Riga Black Balsam herbal bitters brand, originally crafted in 1752. The Limited Edition Riga Black Balsam XO will be introduced in May 2020 in its home country of Latvia, as well as later in the Baltics and Travel Retail. Riga Black Balsam XO, the brand’s most prestigious offer to date, is a unique blend of Riga Black Balsam’s legendary bitter, blended with super premium 8-year-old French brandy, packaged in an elegant hand-crafted bottle and premium gift box, with luxurious gold foil detail.

ABG Riga Black Balsam XO Publicity photo 2

Riga Black Balsam XO is based on a recipe created by pharmacist Kunze in Riga, Latvia, over 260 years ago. The same recipe is still used in 2020, with Riga Black Balsam XO being hand-crafted by the Riga Black Balsam Master Distiller, from a secret blend of botanicals, spices and oils from around the world and then matured in small batches in oak casks. The signature of the Master Distiller is on the front of the bottle, highlighted in gold.

Maris Kalnins, Global Brand Director of Riga Black Balsam, says: “We are delighted to launch an exquisite addition to the Riga Black Balsam family. Latvians are very proud of Riga Black Balsam and so we are very excited to release this outstanding super premium XO expression. We are positioning Riga Black Balsam XO as the essence of joie de vivre for the 21st-century connoisseur - a true modern classic, with our marketing strategy focusing on the strapline Your Royal Highness, highlighting the prestigious nature of the brand. Our target market is the consumer who appreciates the finest Cognacs, brandies and rums and to whom the authentic Riga Black Balsam bittersweet taste appeals.”

Riga Black Balsam XO is made from 24 all-natural ingredients, including 17 botanicals made up of the extract of carefully selected herbs, roots, berries and buds. During the crafting process, the botanicals are infused in a spirit-water mix using single barrel infusion to create the Riga Black Balsam Essence, which is then blended with 8-year-old French brandy. This is the most premium version of the legendary herbal bitter that has been made to date.

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Riga Black Balsam XO’s taste profile is a combination of bitterness from the original Riga Black Balsam, combined with the sweetness and fruitiness of brandy. The spirit has aromas of black pepper and caramel, accompanied by notes of mature fruits and wood, producing a complex taste profile. Overall, Riga Black Balsam XO is soft and velvety on the palate, with a balanced confluence of flavours.

Riga Black Balsam XO is filled in hand-made glass bottles and comes in a super-premium black and gold gift box. It is best enjoyed neat, in the same way as a fine Cognac, making for the perfect digestif and works equally as well in cocktails. RRP: from 100€ for 70cl. ABV: 43%.

Riga Black Balsam XO is the fifth expression to be launched by Riga Black Balsam. Riga Black Balsam is available in over 30 countries; in 2018 the brand was launched in the UK and USA. Also, in the range are Riga Black Balsam Black Currant, Riga Black Balsam Cherry and Riga Black Balsam Espresso. Riga Black Balsam has won more than 100 awards in international competitions.

Amber Beverage Group is a holding company that has grown from its original core production business established in 1900, to become the global company that unites over 2,200 employees in 13 companies across four continents. Amber Beverage Group operates internationally from head office in Luxembourg through its production and distribution companies in Russia, Mexico, UK, Australia, Austria and the Baltics. It is a leading producer, distributor, logistic provider and retailer of alcoholic beverages.



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