Amber Beverage Group unlocks the taste of the Baltics with Cross Keys Gin®

July 11, 2018

A novel flavour experience of Baltic summer blossoms and fresh juniper spirit is distilled to its essence in Amber Beverage Group’s (ABG) latest creation – Cross Keys Gin®. The latest ABG masterpiece will be launched in the UK, Russia, Australia, Italy, as well as the Baltic States.

Cross Keys Gin

For centuries Latvians have mastered the art of crafting spirits, a journey that started with the famous Herbal Bitter Riga Black Balsam®– an alchemic masterpiece from 1752. Now Amber Beverage Group’s master distiller with 43 years of experience has achieved a marvelous feat by developing Cross Keys Gin®, with a taste to represent the true spirit of the Baltic States.

“This gin is different. With its palette of northern summer flavours, Cross Keys Gin® pleases with a rather complex taste ready for uncomplicated enjoyment – it is great on rocks, with tonic water, or as a key player in classical cocktails. Not requiring complicated recipes, Cross Keys Gin® will complement classic cocktails as no other gin,” says Cobus van Rooijen, Amber Beverage Group Marketing and Sales Director. “The unique aroma and structure of Cross Keys Gin® is based on the symmetric interplay of four key ingredients: chamomile, linden blossoms, rosemary, and juniper. This authentic recipe requires great care, therefore Cross Keys Gin® is locally handcrafted in small batches,” van Rooijen explained.

Cross Keys Gin® stands out among others in a black natural clay bottle that enhances the ageing process of gin. The chiselled pearl-like bottle design includes 3D varnish decoration on the body and a label with two colour bronze foil.



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