Amber Beverage Group has finalized the renaming of its production companies

May 03, 2022

It is my true pleasure to announce that, starting from May, all ABG production companies now will carry the name of ‘Amber’, thus bringing several benefits to our producers: larger orders, new customers and several impressive development projects.

Amber Beverage Group

Starting from May 2022, companies will be named as follows:

We already included Amber in the names of other production companies previously:

After the renaming, no changes are expected for the company's employees, suppliers and buyers of our services. Only the official name of the company, its details, e-mails of employees and the website address are changed.

I believe that the results of this project will expand Amber Beverage Group’s global footprint and ensure the company name remains at the forefront of customers’ minds. I am grateful to all colleagues involved who ensured that this project was well-executed.

Kind regards,

Arturs Evarts

CLO and Board Member

Amber Beverage Group



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