Financial information

Global producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages, Amber Beverage Group (ABG) has published robust financial results exceeding EUR 30 million EBITDA and posting strong financials across the board. Careful revenue management has helped the Group to achieve net revenue of EUR 268.7 million, which is at the 2019 level, while volumes due to the global pandemic have decreased by 8.4%.

“Despite the pandemic, we have managed to exceed the EUR 30 million EBITDA. The financial performance, as always, was the result of the daily dedication and resilience of our teams and I’m thankful to all employees in more than 20 companies from production all the way through to retail. The growth of ABG has always been driven both by organic growth in our key markets and by the addition of new business opportunities. I’m really happy to see that despite the challenges in the industry ABG’s position in our core markets has strengthened in 2020,” said Jekaterina Stuģe, CEO, Amber Beverage Group.

Overall, ABG is continuing on its path towards its ambition to become a Top 10 spirits industry player globally. This will be achieved through smart brand building, active management of sales channels, expanding ABG e-ambition, further investment in innovation, focused work on efficiency and effectiveness programs and capturing new business opportunities.

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