Mandatory disclosure on the conclusion of the transaction

July 18, 2023

Amber Beverage Group Holding S.à r.l. (also – the Group or ABG) is pleased to inform noteholders that a transaction has been concluded between the Group’s affiliated company, SIA ABG Real Estate, and SIA Aimasa.

SIA ABG Real Estate has entered into an Agreement with SIA Aimasa on the construction of a fully-automated warehouse and the reconstruction of a car parking lot at 31 Kakasekla dambis, Riga, Latvia. This step represents a significant milestone in Group’s ongoing efforts to enhance its infrastructure and expand its capabilities. We strongly believe that this agreement will not only strengthen ABG’s operational efficiency but also position SIA ABG Real Estate for sustained growth. The construction works are expected to be completed in about two-year term.

Paziņojums latviešu valodā ir pieejams šeit.


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