Gradus Vodka

Gradus Vodka is produced strictly according to classical Russian vodka production technology from high-quality purest alcohol. Smooth in aromas, rich in taste, warm in aftertaste it is crafted by improvising on traditional Russian vodka production recipe but adapting it to modern consumer taste.

Highest grade grain spirit, crystal purity, hands on process (every batch carefully filtered using only gravitation forces and tasted by master blender for highest quality and taste consistency) – those are the main features characterizing this special vodka.

Unique strengths and qualities

Key quality ingredients
Highest grade grain spirit and pure water are used for the production of his wonderful vodka
Russian Vodka production process
Unforced slow filtering process through birch charcoal and quartz sand using only gravity forces to do the job
Focus on sustainability and tune with nature
Boxes for this vodka are made from partly recycled paper, waste free production process, 10% from all profits goes into Oceans cleaning from plastic initiatives
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