Moskovskaya Vodka – a 100% European Union brand

March 04, 2022

Due to the brand’s name, the true provenance of Moskovskaya Vodka may surprise people. Moskovskaya is one of the world’s great heritage vodkas and is produced by Amber Beverage Group in its Latvian distillery established in 1900 – Latvijas balzams.

Within the first days of the Russian troops entering Ukraine territory, Moskovskaya Vodka’s brand owner was one of the first global businesses to announce and offer support to the people of Ukraine. As a company, we stand for peace, community, democracy, and solidarity. As stated on Saturday, military action in Ukraine is unacceptable to us and we are forging opportunities to give aid to our near neighbours and people affected by this action.

On the question of whether Moskovskaya is a Russian product, we would like to clarify that Moskovskaya Vodka is 100% produced in the European Union. Key points to note:

  1. As previously, Moskovskaya Vodka will continue to be produced in Latvia, a European Union and NATO member. It is made by the leading producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltic States – Latvijas balzams, based in Riga, Latvia.
  2. All materials needed for Moskovskaya Vodka production are sourced only from European Union countries, including spirit, bottles, labels and other materials.
  3. The Moskovskaya brand management team will provide communication tools, including a FAQ sheet, for partners to allow clear and transparent messaging for customers and consumers. The Moskovskaya brand management team are open to meeting with any partners who wish to ask further questions regarding the European Union origins of the brand.

The Moskovskaya Vodka brand is preparing specific communication tools expressing our brand position to consumers and calling for peace and freedom. These tools comprise of a limited edition product, POS materials, and digital assets, which will be released to reinforce this message. The management team is doing all that is possible to implement swift logistic and executional measures to enable local adaptations of the materials within a globally consistent structure.

ABG Moskovskaya Freedom Statement

If you have any other questions that are not answered in the FAQ sheet provided, please use our digital hotline by writing to



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