Responsibilities and Commitments



We work to ensure that our business activities have a positive impact

on the wellbeing of our employees and on society in general

We take care of our employees by providing
good working conditions, social guarantees, and benefits. The CSR platform,
part of the global initiative, is one of the social programs we support
to educate the public on the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

We invest in the vocational education of young people by providing student internships
and cooperate with universities on youth development projects.

Our grant program supports talented young specialists in the fields of logistics,
economics, quality control, production automation, and chemistry.



We continuously work to ensure a responsible approach to
environmental issues
The maintenance of high operations standards for ourselves and our business partners is a
top priority, as is systematically working to reduce the impact of company activities on the environment.

One example is the environmentally friendly packaging we use.

We operate and maintain a high-quality artesian well on company
premises for the manufacture of our products and make sure that we use water, energy, and
other resources carefully and considerately.

Each year we deliver over 1000 tons of materials for recycling.


Work Safety
Work Safety and Education

We provide a stable and dynamic working environment
with growth opportunities for our employees

Amber Beverage Group is committed to the professional and individual development of our
employees. We offer professional training programs for our people to advance our knowledge and skills.

Every ABG employee participates in our work safety program.

All business divisions perform regular workplace risk assessments and we comply with all laws
and regulations that apply to our work.

Amber Beverage Group works with a certified
manufacturing control system ISO 9001:2008 and maintains HACCP principles in production.



Amber Beverage Group responds to consumer needs
and preferences
We follow the principles of ethical marketing communication
and observe all current legislation regarding marketing communication and advertising.

Our Code of Ethical Marketing Communication
guides our marketing activities. We value and respect feedback from our customers.

Our Client Service Centre provides convenient centralised service for our b2b
customers and maintains a toll-free customer feedback number 80009990 at
Latvijas Balzams, our production facility.



We actively participate in the development
of the local business environment through membership in

The Latvian Alcohol Industry Association • The Employers Confederation of Latvia

The Foreign Investors Council of Latvia  The Latvian Chamber of Commerce

The Latvian Federation of Food Enterprises

We stimulate Latvian export performance by offering high quality products. Amber Beverage
Group produces, bottles, markets, distributes, exports and retails a comprehensive range of spirits and wines.
We provide significant tax income to the state budget and ensure more than 1400 working places.
Combating the trade in illegal alcohol in the Baltic States and raising public awareness
about the dangers of non-commercial alcohol is an essential aspect of our corporate responsibility.

We carried out the first study of illegal alcohol circulation in Latvia and were initiators

of several public education campaigns against illicit alcohol.